Direct or pure cremation is the cremation type that has no funeral service, no ceremony is performed before the cremating of the deceased, and there are no attendees at the funeral site. The ashes are given to the family members. Pure cremation in Shoreham is considered to be the most affordable type of funeral available.

If you are interested in this type of funeral, keep reading the blog to determine whether it can be right for you and your funeral choices.

Pure Cremation- The Simplest Form without the Funeral Service

Direct cremation is the term generally heard in the funeral industry for the simplest type of cremation method. Here, no funeral service or ceremony happens beforehand.

After death, the deceased is taken directly to the crematorium for cremation in a simple, plain wooden coffin. After the cremation is done, the ashes are given to the family or loved ones or kept as per the wishes of the person who died. This cremation is becoming too popular these days as more and more are looking for a no-fuss funeral within the budget.

How Does Direct Cremation Work?

Before the pure cremation takes place, there is a need to complete some paperwork. The funeral service provider will help you know what to do and guide you throughout the process. The cremation will be carried out at a time suitable for the crematorium. The family members or loved ones are not allowed to attend the cremation.

What Happens At The Direct Cremation?

A direct cremation provides a simple and cost-effective funeral service. It does not involve any pre-funeral ceremonies for the deceased or any formal funeral occasion; basic features include the following-

  • The body of the deceased goes directly to the crematorium after death and is cremated.
  • It reduces the need to embalm the body or any other preparations
  • The journey takes place in a simple coffin
  • The cremation happens at the crematorium selected by the funeral provider.

Can Cremation Happen Without A Coffin?

It is quite possible to cremate the body without a coffin. But, generally, cremation involves using a container mainly made of cardboard or other cheaper material. As per the UK state laws, the body of the deceased should be covered in public, so it is good to carry the body inside the coffin.

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