Terms and Conditions

Philip Evans Family Funeral Services

172 Old Shoreham Road, Southwick, West Sussex BN42 4HU

Telephone 01273 870870

Email: philipevansfamilyfunerals@gmail.com

Terms & Conditions

Philip Evans Family Funeral Services operates a pricing policy in compliance with industry code of practice.

Our price list provides clients with a full and detailed explanation of our charges as required by the industry code of practice.

When the funeral arrangements have been agreed and before the funeral has taken place you will be given a written itemised estimate of all the charges incurred by the services you have requested. You may be asked to make an interim payment that will cover the disbursements that have been agreed, this to be paid prior to the funeral.

Direct cremation services must be paid in full ahead of the cremation or burial.

We ask for the estimate to be signed as consent that you accept the charges and will be liable for the payment of the account when submitted. The funeral account is usually sent 7-10 days after the funeral.

If required the account may be forwarded to your solicitor.

Payments of accounts

Accounts should be paid within one month of the invoice being issued, after one month we reserve the right to add interest on all outstanding accounts at 2% per month. After two months we further reserve the right to add any costs incurred from third party debt recovery agencies or legal and court costs due to non – payment.

If because of your circumstances, you have to make a claim for assistance from the department for Work and Pensions, please note that stringent rules apply as to the amount of help available. Please approach us in confidence at the time of arranging the funeral.in order that we can offer help and guidance.

Stone masonry and other funeral related goods and services will be subject to the same terms and conditions.

A deposit of 50% for all masonry orders will be requested in advance or in the case of memorial jewellery payment in full will be requested when items are ordered.

General Data Protection Regulation

As you will be aware GDPR legislation is in effect.

We have updated our policies, processes and worked with those third parties we need to engage for the fulfillment of the funeral arrangements, pre-paid funeral plans, funeral related services, stone masonry and for the handling and processing of donations.

The aim is to give you control of your data so that you are confident that we will only act as per your instructions. Please note that you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. To withdraw consent, you need to confirm to us in writing at our address shown on your confirmation of arrangements, invoice or on the terms and conditions.

Right to cancel (Applicable only for arrangements made off premises)

You have the right to cancel the contract if you wish. This right can be exercised by sending or taking a cancellation notice to the funeral director at any time within the period of 14 days starting on the day of arrangement. The right to cancel can be lost during the cancellation period if the service is provided in full before the 14 days elapses.

Where applicable, payment may be required to be made in respect of any services carried out or disbursements paid, once the performance of the contract has begun and prior to the cancellation notice being received.

If you wish to cancel the contract you must tell the business named above, in writing within 14 days of the arrangement being made in your home.

Disclosure of Interests

Philip Evans Family Funeral Services ultimate owners are:

Anthony Allen (Director)

Philip Evans Family Funeral Services does not have any business or material financial interest in price comparison websites that compare funeral director service and/or crematoria services and their respective prices.

Philip Evans Family Funeral Services has not made any charitable donations to third parties connected to the funeral sector in the last 12 months.