In today’s modern lifestyle, traditional funerals can take a lot of time which many people don’t have. Such a situation needs some modern solutions. Pure cremation can help if you need some cost-effective method to bid your loved one a final goodbye. It is a perfect option for the ones who don’t prefer traditional funerals. You can find some reliable funeral directors for pure cremation in Southwick. In this blog, we will debunk some top myths about pure cremation.

Top Five Myths About Pure Cremation

Pure cremation is for poor people

We won’t deny that a pure cremation is way cheaper than a traditional funeral; the former method offers a choice. Nowadays, more people have started choosing direct cremation because of the time and cost involved, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that only poor people go for this option.

Pure cremation is a selfish method

Many people consider pure cremation selfish as it doesn’t allow friends and family to view the loved one who has passed away. Some people think only traditional funerals must be chosen. But some may have different perceptions as well. In the end, what matters is celebrating the life of your loved one and bidding farewell.

Pure cremation takes away the control

A direct cremation actually separates the body cremation and farewell part. This provides you and your family more freedom to plan a personal farewell. Our clients create a Record of Wishes, an ideal way to give complete instructions concerning the style of send-off. This expresses your own set of values, relationships and beliefs.

Pure cremation is for people you don’t care about

This is one of the greatest myths. Every family tries their best they can do to give their loved one a fitting send-off. There can be various reasons for choosing direct cremation, like affordability, flexibility, lack of time, etc. But that doesn’t mean you love that person less. A direct cremation is equally respectful as the traditional one. It just involves less fuss and is simpler.

Religious people don’t choose a pure cremation

Most people of faith prefer a traditional funeral, but social norms are one of the main reasons behind this choice. An increasing number of people have started choosing a direct cremation followed by an uplifting celebration.

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