Losing a loved one tears you apart. A family goes through a really tough time during this phase. This makes arranging a funeral a difficult task for them. Hiring funeral services in Shoreham can be a helping hand in such a scenario. There are a lot of misconceptions about professional funeral services. Let’s bust some of them here.

Top Funeral Services Misconceptions Dispelled

#Myth 1: Funeral services cost a fortune

This is a common myth that people have. Shopping around can easily bust this misconception. It is difficult when you are bereaved, but visit several funeral directors to understand what they are like. We don’t charge the same to all. Discuss properly with the company providing funeral services to understand what you get for your money.

#Myth 2: Funeral directors must do everything

Let us clear that nowadays, families have become more evolved. They do not just offer flowers and carry the coffin anymore. Many people have started arranging for a funeral by hiring professional funeral services in Shoreham. You can even take minimal help from them rather than asking them to do everything. They will charge you accordingly.

#Myth 3: Embalming is mandatory

Though there’s sometimes an advantage, embalming isn’t compulsory. It is typically an additional cost. The funeral director must discuss this with you. It won’t create a more positive experience when you opt for an open coffin chapel visit.

#Myth 4: An open coffin chapel visit provides closure

There is no standard that all people experience the same way. Some would feel the necessity to bid their final goodbyes. While others may choose to recall the deceased person how they were.

#Myth 5: The ashes aren’t genuine

This is another popular myth, and it’s not true. The cremation occurs in a single cremator and is cleared after every cremation. Crematoriums can even show you around to authenticate the fact.

#Myth 6: Coffins are recycled at crematoriums

Currently, the entire coffin with handles is cremated. However, things may change in the future because of the carbon footprint of a cremation.

Philip Evans Funeral Services understand that losing dear ones is a difficult time. We have been providing comprehensive funeral services for religious and non-religious people at the best prices. Whether you want arrangements for a simple funeral or an elaborate one, we can help you. Contact us today or check our website for more information.