Most people want to be cremated after demise. There was a time when there was just a type of funeral in the UK, a church service with traditional music followed by a cremation or burial. But now, there are several types of pure cremation in Southwick. Let’s take a dig into what each of these types includes.

Several Types of Cremations You Should Know

Traditional funeral service

In this type, the deceased is made to be available for family and friends to pay their last respects before the cremation. This service is usually held within three days after the demise at a church, religious facility or chapel. After this, the dead body is sent to a crematorium, where the cremation starts. The ashes were then handed over to the family members.

Simple Cremation Services

It is also called Direct cremation. As the name suggests, this type of service involves the cremation of the body without any service at the crematorium and typically without guests present. Direct cremation is considered a greener and more affordable alternative.

Online Cremation Service

Online shopping has brought an evolution in cremation services. This service is for those who wish to arrange them from the comfort of their home instead of personally meeting a funeral director.

Catholic Cremation

Though the Catholic Church hasn’t always permitted cremation, it is allowed now. However, guidelines have been issued about this type of cremation service and what you can do with the ashes. Instead of scattering ashes, you can bury them in cemeteries or other holy places. Please note that the ashes aren’t supposed to be kept at home, transformed into jewellery pieces, or used in other forms.

Non-religious Cremation

It is a ceremony to pay the last respect to the deceased. Such services aren’t connected with any religion’s beliefs, death rituals or traditions. It is also known as a humanist cremation service or celebration of life. It can have non-religious readings, preferred music, and personal tributes but no prayers.

Liquid Cremation

This type of cremation uses hot water mixed with a chemical named sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, or a combination of both. They help in the dissolution of fats and tissues into liquid. This process significantly accelerates what happens to a body when it’s buried naturally.

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