Funeral services in Sussex

At Philip Evans Family Funeral Services Ltd, we offer religious and non-religious services, ensuring each funeral is personal to the individual.

A special tribute for your loved one

We understand the difficulties you may be going through at this time. We are here to help you arrange a funeral as per your wishes. From burials to cremations, we provide comprehensive funeral services in West Sussex for religious or non-religious people. Whether it’s a simple or an elaborate funeral, our experienced staff can accommodate your specific needs. We strive to take care of all aspects of the funeral, allowing you to say goodbye in a dignified and caring way.

Non-religious and green funerals

At Philip Evans Family Funeral Services Ltd, we are committed to providing compassionate and unbiased funeral services that honour the life of your loved one. We arrange non-religious and non-traditional funerals. We also have profound knowledge of woodland burials available in West Sussex for green funerals.

We’ll take care of everything for you

  • Funeral flowers
  • Horse-drawn carriages or funeral cars
  • Limousines available
  • Monumental masonry
  • Private chapel of rest
  • Military style funerals
  • Religious and non-religious services

Military funerals conducted in any area by a veteran. Call us today

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