Arranging a funeral in times of grief is nothing short of a challenge. You are expected to set up a proper event to pay your final respects to the loved one you have lost. It is a social gathering where friends, family, and other acquaintances can bid a final goodbye to the departed soul.

How to Customise Funeral Planning?

During funeral planning, you might wish to arrange the event as envisioned by your lost kin. It is a creative idea to arrange a perfect event to reminisce about the person’s memories. However, you may require elaborate assistance in personalising the event, for which consulting a funeral service in Southwick is practical.

Elements of a Personalised Funeral Service:

Below, you can find a few ways to make your funeral service more unique. Personalisation can add a personal touch and fulfil the wishes of the departed individual.

  • Bespoke Floral Tributes: Offering flowers at funerals is deeply rooted in traditional culture. You can follow this tradition by arranging a bespoke floral tribute. The flowers are placed on the casket during transportation, and the service looks good and is more respectful. You can also ask the funeral services to bring decorated flowers in the shape of things the person loved the most.
  • Personalised Coffins: Coffins are designed to carry the mortal remains of a deceased person. They are commonly made of timber and designed with metal in corners. If you want a customised option in coffins, you can try multiple options. All you need is to communicate with the funeral planner. They would be able to offer you coffins in different sizes, shapes, materials and finishes. You can adorn the coffin with creative decorations to give a perfect send-off.
  • Specialist Hearses: Deciding on the transport is one of the most crucial requirements in a funeral. You can explore different customised options here as well. A classical, timeless option is to book a horse-drawn hearse. It fits with most traditional and modern funeral themes. If you choose modern motorised hearses instead, you can incorporate subtle floral decorations. This will enable you to bid farewell to the loved one like they would have wanted to.

These are a few options for customising a funeral service that you can try. To get professional assistance from someone who can help you in every step of funeral planning, consult Philip Evans Funeral Services Ltd. We are a reliable name for funeral services in Southwick, offering creative ideas for personalised services. For more details, you can visit our website today.